Close-up of bowls with ‘Varvara’ is a kind of porridge

Varvara is a kind of porridge that the faithful prepare on the eve of the celebration of Agia (Saint) Varvara, distributing it to parishioners to support their health. It is a creamy sweet made with wheat, tahini and various dried nuts. If you have the patience and the skill to make it, you will see […]


Close-up of decorative Greek ‘vasilopita’ sweet, bread-like cake

It is a sweet, bread-like cake that is only made for the New Year celebration and is only eaten on New Year’s Day. Recipes for this cake differ depending on the family or the region of Greece, but in general, it involves flour, eggs, butter and sugar, and is usually finished with a sprinkle of […]


Close-up of glass with Greek ‘Vissinada’ means sour cherry juice and fresh heights in the background

Vissinada means “sour cherry juice”. A refreshing, summertime beverage flavored by young, sour cherry juice is a wonderful concoction. Fresh cherries, sugar, some lemon and water, and a little vanilla produce the sour cherry syrup. In proportions of 1:4 or 1:3, depending on how thick the syrup is and how sweet you want the drink […]


Close-up of Greek ‘Voutimata’ biscuits, brown and covered with sesame and a cup of coffee

Voutimata are a dessert or treat similar to biscuits and very much appreciated as an accompaniment to coffee, tea and juices – usually by dipping them in the cup!