Close-up of bowl with Greek ‘Tsalafouti’ is a soft, creamy cheese used as a spread and bread sticks on surface

Tsalafouti is a soft, creamy cheese used as a spread. It is made from sheep’s and goat’s milk and has only 10% fat. Tsalafouti is prepared during the last weeks […]


small pieces of meet with fat in saucepan for cooked Greek ‘Tsigarides’

Tsigarides or Sisira  When holidaying in Syros, Andros, or Tinos, one has the opportunity to try local products of exceptional quality and special local recipes that offer unique moments of gastronomic […]



Tsikoudia or Raki Tsikoudia is a translucent, strong alcoholic beverage produced and consumed largely in Crete. Each November people throughout the island gather around a boiler or “kazani” as they […]


Close-up of ‘Tsiladia’ made with the meat from select parts of pork boiled with spices in gelatine

Tsiladia or Ziladia, Pihti  Tsiladia is an exquisite dish known since antiquity that was especially beloved in Byzantine times. Pihti or ziladia, as it is called in Crete (due to its […]


‘Staka’ and ‘stakovoutiro’ are produced from ‘tsipa’ and a close-up of it, like cream cheese

Staka and stakovoutiro are produced from tsipa. The raw material for stakovoutiro, tsipa is the crust produced by a boiled mix of sheep and goat milk when it is left […]


Close-up of bottle and glasses with Greek ‘Tsipouro’ is produced by distilling the grape, a transparent drink

Tsipouro is an authentic Greek product closely intertwined with the Greek lifestyle, hospitality, and entertainment. It is produced by distilling the grape marc. High-quality grapes are integral to the production […]


Close-up of pieces of Greek ‘Tsoureki’ means sweet bread like cake covered with almonds

Tsoureki is a traditional sweet, spongy holiday bread that has various names around the world. The name derives from the Turkish word corek and means any type of bread made […]