Glass with ‘sikomelo’, brown soft drink from water where dried figs have been boiled with the addition of arbaroriza leaves (apple geranium)

Sikomelo is a natural sweetener similar to petimezi. It comes from the Middle East and is made by concentrating the water where dried figs have been boiled for about an […]


Pieces of ‘singlino’, meat chunk smoked with beechwood, and stewed in local wine and orange peels along with a mixture of herbs, mountain spices and chicory

Traditional Singlino or Pasto Arcadia and Laconia, two prefectures in the Peloponnese, are reputed to produce the best singlino, which they call pasto. Also very popular and delicious, however, is […]


Cooked ‘Siron’ pasta with white sauce, thin pastry-sheets made from dough that has been cut into strips and then folded into small rolls

Siron is a type of handmade pasta that can be found in grocery stores that sell Pontiac products. Pontus is a region on the eastern shores of the Black Sea […]


Baking pans with ‘siropiasta’ are to sweets made with thin leaves of pastry and dried nuts over which, after baking, a syrup made of sugar is drizzled

Siropiasta or Pan-baked sweet  Among the most famous and popular of Greek sweets are those called “pan-baked”.  Most of them come from Asia Minor using recipes whose origins are lost in […]


small pieces of meet with fat in saucepan for cooked Greek ‘sisira’

Sisira or Tsigarides When holidaying in Syros, Andros, or Tinos, one has the opportunity to try local products of exceptional quality and special local recipes that offer unique moments of […]


Spherical piece of ‘Sitaka’ is a type of soft sweet cheese with a yogurt texture and a spoon with granules of cheeses

Sitaka is a type of soft sweet cheese with a yogurt texture produced in the islands of Kasos and Karpathos using a special process from goat and sheep milk. Its […]