Greek 'Moschopoungia’ small, pouch-shaped bites made with special dough and filled with almonds, sugar and rosewater

Moschopoungia is a sweet and is characteristic of the Dodecanese islands of the southeastern Aegean. It comprises small, pouch-shaped bites made with special dough and filled with almonds, sugar and rosewater. For garnish, the upside of the moschopoungia is dipped in rosewater through which powdered sugar has been passed. Using a sieve, powdered sugar is […]

Mouratolia olives

Wooden plateau with Greek ‘Mouratolia olives’, like pickled olives

The Cretans call muratolia, a unique local olive variety, “the queen of table olives”. From antiquity to the present day, mouratolia olives are cultivated with the same methods on specially chosen soil, giving them their exceptional flavor. Τhey are produced in small quantities as the yield of these olives per tree is low.  


Bowls with Greek ‘Moustalevria’ is made from grape must with fine semolina and roasted almonds, like cream

A delicious traditional dessert Moustalevria is made from grape must. Placed on a low heat to simmer, cornflour mixed with water is then added to the must along with fine semolina and roasted almonds. The mixture is then stirred until it thickens and is then separated into portions. After cooling to room temperature, each portion […]


Greek ‘Moustokouloura’, cookies from grape must, olive oil, water, fresh orange juice or fresh milk, sugar, cognac, flour, and baking powder

During the grape-harvest and prior to putting the must into barrels, a quantity of must is put aside to make a variety of treats. One of the most popular is a Greek bakery product called moustokouloura. These koulourakia are made easily and quickly and are suitable as a snack at work or at school. With […]