Close-up of round pieces of Greek ‘Krasotiro’ a white cheese covered with brown

Krasotiro or Possa cheese  Krasotiro is used to prepare the traditional tiropita of Kos. Krasotiro, also known as possa, or possia, is a white cheese made from goat’s or sheep’s milk or a mixture of both. After being aged for some time in brine, it is immersed in the residue of local wine lees and left for at […]


Close-up of pieces of Greek ‘Kreatotourta’ means pie with mixture of lamb and chees baked in oven

As with all traditional recipes, the one for kreatotourta has a number of variations. Every home has its own recipe for the dough, but common to all recipes is the mixture of lamb and cheeses from Crete, and particularly from Chania. Also, most recipes contain staka in the filling or even stakovoutiro. Kreatotourta is typically […]


Close-up of Greek ‘Kritharaki’ food means orzo pasta cooked with tomatoes sauce

Kritharaki or manestra is an orzo pasta that is very popular in Greek cuisine. In the shape and size of a large grain of rice or wheat, it gets its name from barley, but it made is from hard wheat semolina which is first fermented in water and then pressed through a mold that gives […]


Close-up of round Greek ‘Kritharokouloura’ barley-based dry breads and a tomato between them

If you study the morphology of the island of Crete, you will understand why the barley-based paximadi has such an important place in the Cretan diet: given that Crete has few plains and many mountains, it was natural for the cultivation of barley to be widespread, as it grows better in mountainous areas. At past […]