Kalathaki of Lemnos

close-up of pieces of Greek ‘Kalathaki of Lemnos’ is a white, briny, wheel-shaped cheese and dry breads on wooden platter

Lemnos is among the few islands of the Aegean whose inhabitants are occupied more with livestock farming and agricultural cultivation than with the sea. To be sure, its plains and low hillsides provide the perfect conditions for this. The island’s livestock farmers maintain a rich tradition in making dairy products, among which kalathaki (i.e., small […]


close-up of cutted fresh Greek ‘Kalfa’ is a green that has the appearance of thick, long stalks of asparagus

Kalfa is a green that has the appearance of thick, long stalks of asparagus. It is popular on the islands of Andros, Mykonos, Paros and Tinos. This particular plant has been known for its aromatic properties since at least the 1st century C.E. and is mentioned by the physician and naturalist Dioscourides. It is used […]


close-up of sweet Greek ‘kalitsounia’ like small cheese pies baked in oven

Lichnarakia Kalitsounia is one of the most famous and beloved sweets of Crete, and the Easter sweet par excellence. Nowadays, it is appreciated on any feast day of the year. There are many regional varieties of kalitsounia. Sweet kalitsounia are made using sweet mizithra cheese of two different types: lychnarakia and anevata. Anevata, as its […]