Close-up of round pieces of Greek ‘Chloro’ a fresh cheese with a soft texture on wooden platter

Chloro (meaning fresh) is a fresh cheese with a soft texture and distinctive flavor. It is representative of the small cheese production industry of Santorini. Although its production is small, it can be found in supermarkets and other points of sale of traditional products where it can be acquired, usually for home use. It is […]


Close-up of plateau with ‘Chochli’ means snails fried in olive oil with fresh rosemary

Chochli or Bourbouristi Among the basic dishes of the Cretan cuisine, chochli or snails are among the most delicious. Try the boubouristi (top photo) version fried in olive oil and then adding vinegar, salt, pepper, and rosemary or boiled (bottom photo), with sourdough, rice, or red sauce and in many other variations. The scientific name for this […]


Close-up of Greek ’Christopsomo’ means engraved personalized round bread with a nut on top

Christopsomo generally refers to loaves or coils of bread which Greek homemakers make two to three days before the great religious celebration of Christmas. Its only difference from ordinary bread is that it is richly decorated with various fanciful designs.


Close-up of Greek ’Copenhagen’ means a sweet with a base of almonds, filo crust covered with syrup on bronze plateau

Among the traditional sweets of urban Athens is Copenhagen, with Danish roots (from the reign of King George I), a rich sweet with a base of almonds, filo crust or biscuit pastry, generously covered with enough syrup to send anyone for a cholesterol test!