Man holding plate with pieces of ‘Budino’ means pie with semolina, black currants and almonds and showing at the camera

Budino is made with milk, semolina, sugar, cinnamon, black currants and almonds, and used to be served as a sweet on Carnival in the houses of the capital of Kythira. Probably this sweet has an English origin, since the name and the ingredients of the dessert are reminiscent of English pudding.


Close-up of Greek ‘Burdeto’ means fish cooked with tomatoes sauce

Burdeto is found mainly on the Ionian Islands and is considered to be a characteristic, traditional dish of Corfu. Originating in Venice, the dish is prepared with fish and is rather spicy! The fish are of the seabed variety, mainly sea-scorpions, but also with devilfish or octopus. Burdeto can be made with different types of […]