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A private chef, a food journalist proudly serving original Greek food to travellers!


Join Angelina’s cooking class and enjoy three hours of hands-on cooking as well as a narrative of the history of Greek cuisine as you cook along.
Angelina will welcome you with a glass of ouzo and its small plates (meze which includes the local mostra, saganaki cheese, home-prepared olives, and local sausage) which alone constitute a traditional welcome to any Greek household.
Then, Angelina will show you how to prepare your appetizers, feta parcels, or spanakopita with filo, the essential and versatile ingredient for all the delicious pies of Greek cuisine.
Your main course can be either pescatarian, like shrimp saganaki (shrimp cooked in fresh tomato sauce with feta), or vegan (a revithada, a delicious chickpeas stew cooked in a clay pot).
Whichever menu of the two you choose there will be several other side dishes (like tzatziki, fava, or gigantes) to learn how to prepare and enjoy all together afterward in Angelina’s traditional Mykonos home, which is situated in the heart of Hora, the port main city of the cosmopolitan island.
Your meal ends with dessert, a demonstration of a quick version of the delicious baklava, prepared with pistachios.
Your cooking class experience will leave you not only full of delicious home-prepared Greek food but also with a good understanding of the basics of Greek cuisine, a mélange really of its special geographical position and its long history.
Choose one of the following two menus and enjoy a lovely three hours of Greek hospitality and recipes that will be not only enjoyable and delicious but also easy to reproduce once you are back home.

Booking Options

Menu Pescatarian

Ouzo welcomes with meze like gigandes, mostra, olives, saganaki cheese, and dolmades.Feta parcels or Spanakopita or Kolokithopita (depending on season and availability)Shrimps saganaki with feta and fresh tomato sauceGreek saladTzatziki or fava with grilled pitta breadBaklavaGlass of wine
Minimun Charge: €260.00

Menu Vegan

Ouzo welcomes with meze like gigandes, mostra (no cheese), olives, fried peppers with vinegar, vine-leave dolmades with rice, and aromatics.Vegan spanakopita or kolokithopita (zucchini pie)Briam (the Greek ratatouille)Greek salad (no feta cheese)BaklavaGlass of wine
Minimun Charge: €260.00


From €133.00 / per Adult

Tour Languages
Greek , English

From €133.00 / per Adult

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