Kasos is the southernmost island of the Dodecanese between Karpathos and Crete, a peaceful gem, where customs and traditions of the past have been kept alive and nature remains untouched with unspoiled beaches, picturesque villages, and famous for its panigiria (religious festivals) where everyone is invited to participate, dancing under traditional music with the mouthwatering cuisine of Kasos – an experience you will never forget!


Dairy products on the island are still made according to traditional methods using hand-powered equipment. Traditional cheeses such as elaiki, which is made from mizithra, as well as psitari, liomatari, and armirotiri are unique as well as the mizithropita, small pies made with mizithra cheese.

Popular local dishes are the dolmades, roast lamb, kouloura of Kasos, and pilaf-rice covered with hot butter, cinnamon, lemon, and black pepper. Foodies will love artichokes stuffed with rice, brine-cured olives, kolokythopoulia or kolokythokeftedes, lachanopita (small spinach pies), stewed potatoes, skordalia, and mixed wild greens (rikia).

From the sea, there are brine-cured picarel, fried red mullet drizzled savore sauce, soupiopilafo (cuttlefish simmered with rice), and oven-cooked mackerel with sauce.

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