Small Greek ‘skaltsounia’, sweets stuffed with walnuts and dried fruit and powder sugar on top

Skaltsounia have a long tradition in monasteries, as well as in home-cooking and is a delicious, traditional sweet treat for the Lenten fast. Traditional Cretan skaltsounia are stuffed with walnuts and dried fruit. Alternatively, the filling may be crushed almonds, sesame seeds, raisins, finely chopped spoon sweet, or candied fruit along with honey or jam […]


Plate with Greek ‘Skordalia’, puree of potatoes with garlic served with fried fish and fresh lemon

Skordalia is a well-known Greek appetizer. Also known as aliada, it is a side-dish similar to mashed potatoes and is prepared by mixing crushed garlic with a thick base of mashed potato (or dried-out bread that has been moistened), walnuts, almonds, and then with olive oil added in order to give it a gentle, creamy […]


Plate with Greek ‘skordolazana’, tagliatelle served with garlic in mashed potato and tomato sauce

Skordolazana with tomato sauce The most characteristic dish of the cuisine of the island of Milos, skordolazana reflects the influence of Venetian rule. A dish of unparalleled taste, it consists basically of tagliatelle and is served with local aliada (garlic in mashed potato) and tomato sauce.