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Pan-baked sweet

Siropiasta: Greek pan-baked sweets, a delectable blend of thin pastry, nuts, and syrup. From baklava to galaktoboureko, a taste of rich culinary heritage.

Baking pans with ‘Pan-baked sweet’ are to sweets made with thin leaves of pastry and dried nuts over which
Pan-baked sweet or Siropiasta

Among the most famous and popular of Greek sweets are those called “pan-baked”.  Most of them come from Asia Minor using recipes whose origins are lost in time.

The term pan-baked usually refer to sweets made with thin leaves of pastry and dried nuts over which, after baking, a syrup made of sugar, lemon and water is drizzled. Among the most familiar of these sweets are baklava, kataifi, galaktoboureko, kunefe and ekmek kataifi.

Also counting as pan-baked sweets are those with dough made from flour or semolina and which are baked in the oven and then drizzled with syrup made from sugar or honey. In this category are karydopita, yogurt cake, samali, halva simigdalenio, and ravani, among others.

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