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Kataïfi, a beloved Greek dessert, features thin thread-like pastry dough filled with nuts and sweet syrup, akin to baklava.

close-up of Greek ‘Kataifi’ sweet with thin leaves of pastry and dried nuts over which

Among the most famous Greek sweets are those called “pan-baked sweet” or siropiasta.  They are famous because so many people like them, most of which originate from Asia Minor using recipes whose origins are lost in time.

Usually, pan-baked sweets refer to those made with thin leaves of pastry and dried nuts over which, after baking, a syrup made of sugar, lemon, and water is drizzled.

Kataifi, alongside with baklava, is one of the most popular Greek desserts and is made with a special pastry dough in the form of thin thread-like strands, similar to angel-hair pasta.

Kataifi is made by placing the filling on one end of the pastry dough and then rolling it up. When baked, the finished product looks like shredded wheat. Like many Greek dessert recipes, simple syrup is poured over after baking. This not only adds a sweet finish but also acts as a preservative, allowing the pastry to last longer.

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