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Ekmek kataifi

Greek pan-baked sweets, siropiasta, hail from Asia Minor, featuring thin pastry, nuts, and a sugar-lemon syrup. Ekmek kataifi, a decadent treat, blends crispy kataifi dough with lemon-scented syrup, custard, whipped cream, cinnamon, …

Close-up of plate with Greek ‘Ekmek kataifi’ means pan-baked sweet covered with syrup and whipped cream on top

Among the most famous Greek sweets are those called “pan-baked sweet or syrupy sweets or siropiasta”. They are famous because of their popularity. Most of the siropiasta originate from Asia Minor using recipes whose origins are lost in time.

Usually, pan-baked sweet refer to those made with thin leaves of pastry and dried nuts over which, after baking, a syrup made of sugar, lemon and water is drizzled.

Ekmek is a bread-pudding dessert, popular in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire. The Greeks have elevated it to the next level of goodness by combining it with a kataifi base.

Greek ekmek kataifi is made with layers of kataifi dough baked until crispy and golden, bathed in lemon-scented syrup, topped with creamy thick custard and whipped cream and garnished with cinnamon and pistachios.

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