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Ravani: Semolina sweet from Veria, named after Turkish poet. Yogurt-semolina blend with lemon, harmonizes with kaimaki ice cream.

Greek ‘ravani’

Ravani, or alternatively revani, is a pan-baked sweet that came to Greece in days of old, while over the years countless versions of it have appeared.

According to tradition it took its name from the Turkish poet Revani, who lived in the 16th century and was famous for his culinary rhymes. His poems were regarded to be sweet like this syrupy semolina treat.

It had a history going back to the Ottoman rule of the city of Veria and, beginning in 1886 was made by a man named Hochliouros, who owned a dairy shop in the center of Veria that sold mainly yogurt and pan-baked sweet. It is said that the recipe was given to him by a Turk and has been kept as a closely guarded secret from generation to generation. Revani is now a trademark of Veria.

The basis for this wonderful, enjoyable revani is the yoghurt and the semolina, half of which is thin-milled and half thick. The ingredients are carefully chosen for their quality, with the sheep’s milk yoghurt and the syrup quite thick and warm.

Revani has a touch of lemon scent and blends harmoniously with kaimaki ice cream. It can also serve as the base as a dessert with cream mousse or cheesecake.

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