Close-up of pieces of Greek anthotiro like white cheese on wood plateau surrounded by fresh green salad

Creamy and with a touch of delicate sweetness, anthotiro literally means “flower-blossom cheese” and it is a traditional Greek white cheese whose light taste embodies all the aromas of the […]


Close-up of slices of Greek apaki like ham on wood surface

Apaki is prepared by the villagers of Anogia in Crete who, driven by the need to preserve meat in large quantities, apply a process that comes from an age-old technique […]


Close-up of slices of Arseniko Naxos cheese and fresh herbs on wooden surface

Arseniko (Male cheese) It is an emblematic cheese of mountainous Naxos, with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). The Arseniko is a cheese-like kefalotiri and is prepared from goat milk, […]


Three artoklasia means engraved personalized round breads sating vertical on wood surface

Artoklasia, means the cutting of a specially made artos (bread) that has been previously blessed in the church by the priest or the metropolitan and then distributed to the congregation […]


Three artos means engraved personalized round breads sating vertical on wood surface

Artoklasia, which means “breaking of artos” (=breaking of bread), is a special prayer service offered by an individual or family typically on a feast day or special family occasion. The […]


Close-up of bowl with marinated Greek askordοulakas mens bulbs of the plant scientifically known as “Muscari comosum”

Askordοulakas or Skordοulakas Askordοulakas is the Cretan name of the bulb of the plant scientifically known as “Muscari comosum”, which is found in abundance throughout Greece. The common name in […]


Close-up of plate with Greek astakomakaronada means cooked spaghetti and lobster in tomato sauce

Αstakomakaronada is a dish with main ingredients spaghetti and lobster. The origin of the recipe is probably Italian, from Sicily and Sardinia. The lobster is boiled separately from the sauce […]

Athenian Salad Fish Mayonnaise

Plate with Greek ‘Athenian salad fish mayonnaise’ with boiled fish, herbs, carrots and potatoes, capers, pickled gherkins and mayonnaise

An iconic dish of Attica is the ‘Athenian salad fish mayonnaise’, made of boiled fish (grouper or sea bream) with herbs, carrots, potatoes, capers, and pickled gherkins. The fish is cleaned and its flesh is […]


close-up of pieces of avgotaraho and black grapes in the background

Avgotaraho or Bottarga Avgotaraho is Greece’s answer to caviar. It’s a product of high nutritional value, strong flavour, and protracted aftertaste. The velvetier its texture, the richer it is nutritionally. […]


Close-up of avgoules means Greek Easter eggs sweet rolls on bakery pan

Avgoules means Easter eggs sweet rolls. One of the most widely-practiced Easter customs is the coloring of eggs on Good Thursday. During Holy Week, housewives use these painted eggs to […]


Close-up of three Greek baklava

Baklava is one of the most famous Greek desserts. It is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of paper-thin sheets of filo (or phyllo) dough, filled with chopped nuts and […]


Close-up of pieces of Greek Batzina means a doughy pita with zucchini on wood surface

Batzina is a doughy pita with zucchini which is traditional to the region of Thessaly and particularly the town of Karditsa. It is a pita without filo: it is a […]