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Frangosikomelo, a natural sweetener from dried prickly pears with apple geranium, is a versatile, antioxidant-rich delight. Ideal for cooking, baking, sauces, ice cream, and more. Enjoy as a digestive or mixed with …

Close-up of glass with Greek ‘Frangosikomelo’ is a natural sweetener and a sweet spoon on top

Frangosikomelo is a natural sweetener similar to petimezi or to sikomelo. It is made by evaporating the water where dried prickly pears have been soaked with the addition of arbaroriza leaves (apple geranium) which impart a pleasant aroma. It can replace sugar and can be kept for a long time without refrigeration.

Retaining many of the nutritional benefits of dried prickly pears, this natural sweetener is an invigorating tonic with a very pleasing sweet flavor, and is without preservatives and dyes, whilst rich in antioxidant properties.

Frangosikomelo as sikomelo and petimezi have a wide variety of applications, from preparing sauces for roasted meat to making bread dough. A unique product, it is ideal for ice cream, cake, tarts, and as a vinaigrette for salads. It is also exceptional when used with fresh cheese or with a refreshing bowl of yoghurt and fruit.

It is also consumed plain as a digestive, or mixed with a liqueur.

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