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Dolmadakia: Stuffed vine leaves, a cherished treat from Istanbul, blending herbs, rice, and traditional ingredients. Versatile for Lenten or everyday meals.

Close-up of plate with Greek ‘Dolmadakia’ means stuffed vine leaves
Dolmadakia (small dolmades) or Dolmades (plural of dolma)

Dolmadakia means “stuffed vine leaves”.

Small, distinctive in taste and simple, dolmades are a treat made from spring onions, dill, parsley and mint mixed with rice and wrapped in vine leaves. This is the traditional recipe for dolmades as they were made by grandmothers when they came from Istanbul from 1914 to 1922 when they were expelled from Turkey after the Graeco-Turkish war. The traditional recipe includes pine nuts and raisins. Wonderful food for Lent, dolmades can also be made with minced meat with the egg-lemon sauce poured on top. The sour, velvety egg-lemon sauce enhances their taste.

Dolmades are served as a first course at formal dinners, but also as the main course for a regular, everyday meal. They can be served hot or cold, plain or with a yogurt sauce or tzatziki.

This delicacy is part of every Lenten meal and come in many varieties, depending on the region and household.

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