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Flomaria, Lemnos’ hilopites, a local pasta made with flour, eggs, and sheep’s milk. Traditionally a communal celebration, it’s used in various dishes, including rooster and partridge in tomato sauce, olive oil-flomaria with …

plate with flomaria pasta like lazania|Close-up of Greek uncooked ‘Flomaria’ like lasagna pasta

This is the traditional hilopites of Lemnos island: a local pasta prepared with all- local ingredients: flour, eggs and sheep’s milk; and cut into very fine chunks.

The kneading and spreading of pastry-sheets and the cutting of flomaria in earlier times was a process akin to a celebration. The housewives gathered together from house to house to make the flomaria of each family, to sing, to gossip and to eat all together at the end of the process. Cutting the flomaria was one of the factors determining the skill of a housewife.

The flomaria were made in the summertime so as to dry properly and be stored, making it available as a fast and hearty meal during the cold winter months.

Flomaria is used in numerous traditional recipes of Lemnos with meat or with vegetables, and in soups. Some typical traditional dishes using flomaria are found in three varieties – fine, medium and thick are:

  • “Petinos”(rooster) in tomato sauce: traditional food of Lemnos, used in all the celebrations, especially on Saint Panteleimon’s and on Virgin Mary’s days
  • “Perdika” (partridge) in tomato sauce
  • Ladera flomaria in olive oil with aubergines or plain with fresh tomatoes
  • Wiith snails


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