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Mileiko pelte

Mileiko Pelte: Tomato paste from Milos island, made with sun-ripened cherry tomatoes. Used as a spread, dip, in sauces, and as a meze with ouzo.

Greek ‘Mileiko pelte’

Mileiko pelte is tomato paste from the island of Milos, where tomato paste is made from the cherry tomatoes grown on the island which are locally called Santorini or Russian tomatoes.

The cherry tomatoes are collected, washed well and then crushed. The tomato pulp is put through a strainer and its skins and seeds removed. The pulp is then placed in a clay pot with salt, covered with mesh and left in the sun for three days to mature. This process results in a tomato paste with a strong flavor and aroma.


It is eaten with oil as a spread on bread. It can also be served in a bowl with olive oil, chopped garlic and capers as a dip for bread, paximadi or breadsticks. It is used in sauces and in cooked dishes. As a meze, it goes perfectly with ouzo and tsipouro.


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