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Wine Fair

Amorgos Gastronomy Week is proudly present for α second year in a row the Wine Fair. The Wine Fair is a two days’ event (20 and 21 of September) with the participation of 10 prestigious wineries from all over Greece. Within the…

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Amorgos Gastronomy Week is proudly present for α second year in a row the Wine Fair. The Wine Fair is a two days’ event (20 and 21 of September) with the participation of 10 prestigious wineries from all over Greece. Within the Wine Fair, you’ll have the opportunity to taste 30 different wines and many different varieties from the Greek territory and discover the richness and the flavours of the Greek wines.

Useful information
Date of the event: 20 and 21 of September 2018
Time of the event: 8pm – 11pm
Place: Katapola Village
Cost: 3 Euros/person with limitless tasting abilities within the Fair.
The sponsor of the event is A and M WINE STEPS. A & M WINE STEPS aims to distribute selected bottled wines from the Greek territory. With the attention of its people focused on the quality of the products and the excellent service of its customers, the company aspires to present to the wine lovers excellent proposals from the Greek vineyard.

Participating Wineries

1. Domaine MIGAS
D. Miga’s Domaine is in Thessaly, in the region of Tyrnavos. The privately-owned vineyards surrounding the impressive winery cover 120 acres. A winery with modern infrastructures, where the conditions for the proper reception and then the excellent vinification of the raw material received from the vines are ensured. The cultivated varieties are Moschato Tyrnavou, Limnionas, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The produced bottles are about 600,000 and a part of these is exported to European countries and America. At the visitable winery, which is a true gem not only for Tyrnavos but also for whole Thessaly, tradition and technology blend harmoniously and lead to the perfect management of the Greek and French varieties cultivated. As a result, the produced wines are of a high quality. If you happen to be in Thessaly, it will be a great pleasure for the staff of the Estate to offer you a short tour of the winery and the vineyards.

2. GOFAS Estate
One of the wineries that stand out in the historical area of Nemea is undoubtedly the K. Gofa’s winery. 1959 was the year when the family decided to use its private vineyard. In 1998 the winery was modernized with new machinery and in 2011 it was relocated to its present location in Koutsi region next to the mythical Asopos river, which crosses the vineyard of Nemea. So, in the region of Nemea, which in ancient times was one of the daughters of Asopos river, there is an Estate which probably does not make the “biggest” Nemea, but undoubtedly one of the most “delicious” and, as it was once said by one of the most important names of modern wine-making art “we do not need big wines, first of all we need delicious wines”! The philosophy of the Estate is the excellent raw material that forms the basis of a quality wine. To achieve this, the raw material comes exclusively from the 80 acres of the private vineyards. The cultivation of these vineyards is made under the standards of the integrated management system. The cultivation techniques implemented are modified per vineyard, bearing in mind the individual characteristics of the microclimate of each and every region in order to improve the quality of the raw material. The varieties cultivated are Malagousia, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and of course Agiorgitiko.

3. GRAMPSA Estate


The winery of Grampsa family is located in the semi-mountainous village Lagodopos of the marvelous Ionian Sea island, Zakynthos. A wine-growing zone with great dynamics and significant potential of producing high quality wines. The winery was created in order to highlight the unexplored wealth of the Zakynthian varieties, with proper cultivation care, with respect to nature and man and using knowledge and experience. The strict adherence to the quality of the raw material and the careful vinification provided a unique result, making the pallet of Greek wines wider. Choosing a bottle of wine from the Grampa Winery characterizes a wine connoisseur in an international and in-depth scale, who has the desire to discover new paths full of challenges. Vineyards in Zakynthos produce exceptional in quality wines, like Avgoustiatis and Gustolidi, which express in an amazing way the traits of the varieties and the region’s ecosystem. The guesthouse at Klima Grampsa was made to give wine lovers the chance to visit our gifted vineyard, to discover the unexplored varieties that the beautiful Ionian island of Zakynthos produces, and at the same time to gain insight to the hidden secrets of the wine in a total area of 80 acres with ancient olives and cypress trees.

Crete is boundless. With corners and spots unique and unexplored. Magic places, full of surprises and changes. A few kilometers away from the bustling Heraklion and in the heart of the most important wine cultivating zone of Crete, in Peza, there is the Miliaraki winery. The winery is now in its ninth decade and produces wines from local varieties such as Kotsifali and Mandilari for the red wines, Vilana, Vidiano and Thrapsathiri for the white ones, which are turned into wine and bottled using state-of-the-art methods. A part of the red wine production ages in French oak barrels holding 225 and 300 liters each under ideal temperature and humidity conditions. Simultaneously, the Miliaraki winery tries to further promote the Cretan vineyard through its varieties, by innovating and adopting methods unexploited in Crete, such as the presentation for the first time of Vilana stored in barrels (Vilana Fume). Finally, foreign varieties such as Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenache Rouge, and Roussanne have been included in its production. The winery uses a vineyard that consists of privately owned and contract areas covering 250 acres in the wider area of Peza and cooperates with local growers aiming at the high quality of the grapes. The overall production currently rises to 350,000 bottles a year, 20% of which is exported. The main foreign destinations are the USA, Canada, Belgium, Serbia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, China, and Australia. Since 1998, and after having developed an exhibition area, the winery has welcomed Greek and foreign visitors. In this area, they can watch a special video screening, enjoy a tour through the old machinery of the winery and try the whole range of the Domain’s wines.

The winery of Karadimos family is in the village Megaplatanos Atalanti in Fthiotida. In close proximity and at an altitude of about 400 meters, there are 75 acres of limestony-clay soils in mild slopes. The whole vineyard comes into sight between Parnassos and northern Euboikos. Consequently, there is a permanent breeze ensuring cool summers but also harsh winters. Mild organic farming methods and green harvesting are applied during the cultivation. The varieties grown are Malagousia, Asyrtiko, Xinomavro, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Upon the family’s philosophy, which is imagination and respect for biodiversity, high-quality wines are produced. Besides, we should not forget that here, among others, “Vissa” is produced, which not only is the top red wine of the Domaine, but also one of the top xinomavro all over Greece. If the question then is: “Xinomavro from Atalanti?” the answer is “Certainly Xinomavro from Atalanti”!

6. KISSA Winery

With its roots in the volcanic vineyard of Santorini and a winemaking tradition that began in 1952, Artemis Karamolegos’ winery is among the most dynamic and fast-growing wineries of the island. All the wines of the Estate have been distinguished in important international competitions. The visitable winery is equipped with the most up-to-date vinification facilities and special wine and food tasting venues. An innovation for the island is Artemis Karamolegos’ idea to combine the experience of a tour in the winery with a meal at the Aroma Avlis Food & Wine restaurant where mouth-watering Mediterranean and local dishes made with fresh local products are served and accompanied with the wines of the winery. On this unparalleled beauty island and under the constant struggle with the sun and the wind, the winery produces about 150000 bottles a year. Asyrtiko, Aidani, Athiri, Mandilaria, Mavrotragano and the award-winning Vinsanto impress not only the ordinary consumers but also the specialists. The winery is offered for wine tasting under the guidance of a specialized oenologist following a guided tour to the Estate. There are many reasons to visit Santorini. We just add another one!



Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionian islands, with the largest variety in landscape and vegetation. During her long history, there were many colonists and conquerors, from the Romans and the Franks to the Venetians and the English. The history of the Kefalonian wine is equally long, and according to experts one of the three noblest Greek varieties, Romola, dominates here. In this beautiful ecosystem, near Argostoli, the Gentilini winery was founded in 1984. Modern infrastructures, privately-owned vineyards, and experiments have rendered one-way the top quality and that way the delight of the knowledgeable. The people of the winery make sure that every variety is harvested appropriately and on time! Moschofilero, Mavrodaphne, Syrah and Robola of course, come to the consumer’s glass transferring the labor and knowledge of the Estate’s people combined with the unique aura of the region. Each and every wine is unique, fascinating, complicated and impressive. If it is a bit difficult to visit Kefalonia, it is really easy to bring it in your glass!

9. ADAM Vineyards
The plantation of a new vineyard in Adam village in the region of Ancient Kalindoies, 40 km SE of Thessaloniki started in 2002 on an exemplary farm that combines organic farming with the development of the region. Here, on Chortiatis slopes, at an altitude of 250-300 meters, the climate is Mediterranean but there are times of Continental climate with frost for a few days. During summer, the cool breeze from the slopes of Chortiatis and the north-facing orientation of the vineyard towards the adjacent lakes of Volvi and Koronia, balance any heatwave and create harmonious conditions for the cultivation of the vineyard. There is also a small cavalry group in the Estate, paying homage to the name of the ancient city of Kalindoies, which means “the place where the horses roll” from the time that the cavalry of the Macedonian Army trained. Looking at low yields and using the knowledge of experienced winemakers, the staff of the Estate always aim at high quality. In years when the weather was not favorable, like in 2008 and in 2014, they did not proceed to production. The constant care of the private vineyards gives aromatic and durable wines that characterize the terroir of the region. Biological spraying, vine hand harvest, second grape selection per bunch before separating the must and the stalk. The varieties cultivated are Refosco, Malagousia, Chardonnay, and Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon. The Estate is offered, after previous communication, for tours and wine tasting but also for other activities that can be combined with the magical world of wine, such as horseback riding and mountain hiking.

10.WINE ART Estate
In Mikrohori, Drama, there has been since 1995 one of the most modern and famous wineries in Greece. Its creators, Giannis Papadopoulos, and Giannis Kalaitzidis, civil engineer and architect-engineer respectively, managed to transfer their professionalism “as it is” in the vineyard. The result of their excellent cooperation is the creation of delicious wines such as the “Art of Alipias” series, which very quickly found their position in the market of new greek quality wines. Nowadays; the Estate is still tightly connected with the production of exceptional wines since the excellent acclimatization of certain cosmopolitan and Greek varieties has been achieved in the ecosystem of Drama. Asyrtiko, Malagousia, Agiorgitiko, Chardonnay, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, and Touriga Nacional form the cultivated varieties. The successive awards of the Estate verify all the above and at the same time boost its creators. Finally, “Wine Art” Estate is open to wine-lovers’ visits and to the ones who want to get to know the magical world of wine in a warm and hospitable environment.


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