Skiathos is among the most cosmopolitan islands of the Sporades. It is the Sporadic island closest to mainland Greece. It is a magical land, whose network of footpaths exceeds 240 km distributed across the island, passing through fabled ravines, with streams and waterfalls and stands of plane trees, as well as by monasteries, Byzantine ruins and chapels and ending up on sandy beaches.

Wandering through the island, you sense the aromas of Skiathos’ herbs, mint, sage, thyme, and oregano spread out under the shade of vast olive groves covering 45 square km. If you are a lover of nature, but also of food, it is worth a visit.

In Skiathos you will find the tastiest amygdalota, as well as fresh fish. We recommend that you try the local dishes, like pita with horta, crayfish with zucchini, fish stifado, lobster and shellfish with wild horta, celery, sow thistle and myrons.

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