The environmental beauties, the rich history, the wide range of alternative travel options combine together to shape a unique experience for the visitors in the region of Kilkis. The impressive mountains Paiko, Kroussia and Belles, with their abundant natural attractions, such as the emerald lake and waterfalls of Skra, the Axios and Gallikos rivers and the lakes Pikrolimni, Doirani and the artificial Lake Metalleiou -where Alexis Zorbas, Kazantakis’ hero lived and worked- with its rich flora and fauna.


The local cuisine is intensely multicultural. The Greek diaspora is concentrated on the table with all its features! Traditionally every season, flavors and aromas beautify the atmosphere. Here, each family prepares pickles throughout the year, while local and delicious original recipes give their taste to every festive day of the year.

King of all … the Pontian cuisine! Here, the famous Pontian cheeses and pasta are produced in the village of Vathi. Fine dairies are in abundance producing excellent cheeses. Goumenissa is the center of the wine production with PDO wines from the xinomavro and Negoska varieties with many wineries, real gems, traditional cauldrons but also modern and well-equipped ones are all waiting to be visited.

Try traditional dishes and sweet preserves, genuine honey, homemade bread and pasta made from traditional organic cultivation and stone-crushed cereals.
Enjoy your meals to taverns, tasting exquisite meats from local free-range animals and other culinary delights as well as fresh fish from Lake Doirani.

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