Genuine Simplicity, Love of Tradition

Central’s Greece popular culture is directly linked to the region’s traditional dishes, and has contributed creatively both to the use of raw materials and production of the land and to the delightful variety of those dishes.

It has been, and remains, known for its roasted meats, which are combined with a large variety of pitas based mainly on greens, but is also well-known for its cheeses which, like the rest of its dairy products, come from animals grazing in regions where aromatic herbs are abundant. The seaside regions, the lakes and the lagoon of Messolongi generate an abundance of seafood and delicacies. The olive groves of Fokida (Phocis) and Boeotia produce oil of excellent quality, while the vineyards offer those devoted to producing wine and tsipouro the ability to craft beverages that truly cheer the heart and palate.

The love of tradition and the persistence in maintaining the values and roots inspire exceptional gastronomic experiences, where flavor has priority over presentation. Most important in that region is that its cuisine retains its genuine simplicity and its cultural identity, rather than being just something for show…

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) products:

ProductDesignation of origin and
Geographical indication
Fruits, dried nutsKiwi of Sperchios (PDO)Phthiotis
Fruits, dried nutsPistachio of Fthiotida (PDO)Phthiotis
OlivesConservolia of Amfissa (PDO)Fokida
Olives Conservolia of Atalanti (PDO)Phthiotis
Olives Conservolia of Stylida (PDO)Phthiotis
Olives Conservolia of Rovies (PDO)Evia
CheeseFormaella of Arachova (PDO)Boeotia
CheeseFeta (PDO)All regional units
CheeseKatiki of Domokos (PDO)Phthiotis
CheeseKefalograviera (PDO)Evtytania, Aetoloakarnania
Fish, mollusksBottarga of Messolonghi (PDO)Aetoloakarnania
WineThiva (PGI)Boeotia
WineValley of Atalanti (PGI)Phthiotis
WineOpoundia Lokris (PGI)Phthiotis
WineSlopes of Knimida (PGI)Phthiotis
WineParnassos (PGI) Fokida
WineMartino (PGI) Phthiotis

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