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Katiki, a creamy and fresh Greek cheese, made from goat’s milk, low in salt and fat, perfect for various dishes and appetizers.

close-up of Greek ‘Katiki’ means a fresh and light soft white cheese spreading on three slices of dry bread

Katiki is a fresh and light soft white cheese, a creamy delight, with a fine smooth texture, a pleasant aroma and a refreshing, slightly sour taste that is actually more like mousse.

It is made from goat’s milk or a combination of goat’s and sheep’s milk. Its low salt content (2-3%) and its low fat (4-10%) content, makes it suitable for diets and a balanced, low-fat nutrition.

Katiki is a genuine Greek product of protected designation of origin (PDO), only produced locally in the prefecture of Phthiotis, following a traditional recipe that is unique even today.

A “passe-partout” cheese, katiki is an exquisite ingredient used in both traditional and modern cooking. Serve katiki with bread or as a dip with appetizers and mezes (it goes particularly well with white wine), with fruit, and in recipes calling for a light cheese stuffing, like cheesecake or as a sauce for pita bread and souvlaki.


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