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Souma: Aegean delight, colorless grape marc spirit. Aromatic, potent (60+ alcohol degrees), pairs with meze, aids digestion.

Close-up of glass with Transparent Greek ‘Souma’ is a colorless alcoholic beverage produced by the distillation of grapes

Souma is a colorless alcoholic beverage produced by the distillation of grape marc from wineries, and was offered in the past in many islands of the Aegean as a treat to welcome visitors. It is a traditional drink of Rhodes, Paros and other islands of the central and eastern Aegean. The visitor was always greeted by a souma in a shot glass.

Local traditional grape varieties such as Monemvasia and Mandilaria impart their aromas to this traditional drink. In the Mesta region of the island of Chios, it is produced by distilling figs.

It is made in a traditional way and belongs to the tsipouro family and is similar to the Cretan tsikoudia or raki, except that the alcoholic content of souma is over 60 alcohol degrees while that of tsipouro up to about 45. It is a distillate that people love to drink along with meze. It is also helping digestion, so that it is most appreciated after every meal along with various nuts and confections.

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