Close-up of Greek ‘Maggiri’ food means thick pasta soup served, topped with lots of cheese

Maggiri is a traditional Cretan pasta associated with the difficult years of poverty on the island of Crete. It was the ideal option for feeding an entire family economically. It is the name of an old Cretan pasta cooked in a particular way. Half of the pasta was boiled, while the other half was fried. […]


Close-up of plate with Greek ‘Magiritsa’ is soup cooked with vegetables, dill, lamb offal and rice

Magiritsa is a traditional soup that is consumed on the night of Good Saturday, after the Resurrection. It is the first dish containing meat after the Lenten fasting. It is cooked with vegetables, dill, lamb offal and rice. The purpose of this dish is to properly prepare the believer’s stomach for Easter Sunday’s consumption of […]