Close-up of plate with Greek ‘ladera’ means tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice cooked in oven

Greece may be the only country on the planet that has a category of dishes – Ladera – identified as oil-based. These dishes are an integral part of Greece’s summer […]


Close-up of rows of ‘Ladokouloura’ means crunchy pretzels sitting upright

Ladokouloura are crunchy koulouraki using olive oil (‘ladi’), and are one of Greece’s most popular treats for dipping in a morning or afternoon coffee. They are delicious, healthy and stay […]


Close-up of two Greek ‘Ladopita’ fried pies with fresh cream cheese and oil on top

Ladopita is an exceptional delight that comes from the largest island of the Sporades, Skyros, where numerous local delicacies can be found. Skyros’ ladopita (or “oil-pie”) is one of the […]


Close-up of pieces of Greek ‘Ladotiri’ is a hard table-cheese

Ladotiri (‘oil cheese’) is a hard table-cheese made from sheep’s or goat’s milk and has a distinctively rich and spicy flavor. Ladotiri has been one of the country’s favorite cheeses […]