sweet spoon with ‘Ipovrihio’ meaning submarine into the glass with water from above

Ipovrihio meaning submarine This is a classic summer sweet made from white sugar paste (sugar, water, honey, vanilla extract or mastic, and lemon juice), with a vanilla or a mastic flavor. Stuck on a spoon and submerged in a glass of cold water and ice cubes, it is eaten like a lollipop. According to tradition, […]


Close-up of uncooked Greek ‘Ivristo’ like lasagna

Ivristo is a traditional dish of the Pontus (a region of the Turkish Eastern Black Sea coast) that can be consumed as a snack. It is also known as ivristo or evristen. It is part of the Pontus cuisine and can be prepared easily and quickly. It is made with high-grade flour, salt and water […]