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Possa Cheese: Kos tiropita staple, made from goat/sheep milk. Aged in wine lees for rich flavor. Versatile: great in salads, with fruits, or enjoyed plain with tsipouro.

Close-up of round pieces of Greek ‘Possa’ a white cheese covered with brown
Possa cheese or Krasotiro

Possa cheese is used to prepare the traditional tiropita of Kos. Possa, also known as possia, or krasotiro, is a white cheese made from goat’s or sheep’s milk or a mixture of both. After being aged for some time in brine, it is immersed in the residue of local wine lees and left for at least 15 days until it acquires its characteristic deep red coating.

It is moderately salty and has a soft, buttery texture and slightly vinegary, while the wine lees give a wonderful bouquet. The flavor varies from place to place, depending on the quality of the wine lees and the number of days left to soak.

It is delicious with slices of ripe summer tomato and can replace feta or mizithra cheese on dakos. Warming it up without melting, it can be added to a salad of arugula and purslane with spicy balsamic vinegar.

It also accompanies grapes or watermelon or can be appreciated plain with tsipouro or ouzo.


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