The Telegraph proposes 15 Greek islands for this summer vacation

The Daily Telegraph suggests 15 Greek islands for this summer vacation, with the author of the article noting that “holidays in the Greek islands look like a tonic after a long winter. Who could refuse one or two safe weeks of sunshine and delicious food served in seaside taverns?

Zakynthos is declared the best island for beaches, which impresses with its unique shipwreck. Corfu is defined as the best family destination with its atmospheric old town. Next is an uninhabitable island as the top of all for its rich history, which is Delos. Next to Delos, Mykonos makes its appearance for its elegant hotels. The “champion” of Greece in gastronomy is Crete, followed by Koufonisia, which wins the national championship for the peace and tranquility they radiate. Tinos could not be missing from the list as the island with the most different and “extraterrestrial” landscapes throughout Greece. Andros, once again, is gaining impressions as a paradise for walking tourism. According to the article, Symi is suitable for couples and Skyros for a healthy mind.

Karpathos stands out for its unique tradition, Santorini for its incomparable view, Rhodes for its nightlife in abundance and Lefkada for its water sports. The list also includes Skopelos, which is doubly distinguished for its villas and admirable monasteries. “The emotional bond with Mamma Mia and the quality choices of Skopelos for safe accommodation are exactly the ingredients for an ideal vacation that the modern traveler seeks, away from overcrowding and standardization”, explains, in a relevant announcement, the president of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality of Skopelos, Ioanna Efstathiou.


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