Antonis Dimakopoulos – AXION ESTI

What are the strongest motives in your life and work?
The strongest motivation in my life is my family and in my work not to compromise with mediocrity.

What is the motto that directs your life?

What is the biggest satisfaction in the business you had?
Our distinctions at the International Organic Honey Competition in several of our varieties of honey and the very good reviews from consumers who love our honey and provide us with the strength and courage to continue for the best!

Which is the mistake you learned most from?
Every day I can see mistakes, I process them by keeping the positive elements so as to correct myself and become better. What does not kill you makes you stronger.

Have you ever thought of giving up?
Why did you change your mind and kept on?
Not under any circumstances! What I do I love it a lot, it fills me and I adore it!

What do failure and success mean to you?
Failure means when I do something without interest, in misery, in bad mood. Of course, from the mistakes of any failure, we learn!!
Success means having joy, faith and soul power for your work, your family and everything around you. When you hope, while being in pain, you see that life is beautiful and you collect that joy from the others.

What other interests do you have apart from your job?
To spend my time beautifully with my children and my wife, to go for fishing and for sports like football etc.

Say some words that will inspire young entrepreneurs.
Every man has his charisma and must seek to find it, cultivate it and support it with love and devotion.

Make a wish
To have health and love all over the world and to become better people with respect to ourselves and the environment.


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