Oenorama 2019

Welcome to Oenorama, the world’s leading Greek wine exhibition. Oenorama was created in 1994 and over the years has adapted to the evolving Greek wine market remaining pertinent, beneficial and accessible to both the consumer and the wine trade. The one thing that hasn’t changed at Oenorama is the show’s protagonist: Wine. In 2019 Oenorama will celebrate its 25th anniversary, a silver anniversary between Greek wine and Oenorama.

Oenorama has evolved from a traditional wine trade fair into a multi-level communication platform that caters to the needs of a diverse public, including growers, the trade (both foreign and domestic) and wine-loving consumers. It seeks to effectively promote the wines, the wineries and the people behind the wines, both inside the exhibition and online with a dynamic presence on the social media.

Once again, this year’s Oenorama is being held at the most centrally located venue in Athens, the Zappeion Megaron Exhibition Hall and Conference Centre, adjacent to the National Gardens a few hundred meters from the Greek Parliament; this historic venue (where Greece signed its accession to the European Common Market in 1981), has proven an ideal location for Oenorama in both size and style. The beautiful high-ceilinged halls have plenty of natural light and it is easily accessible with all forms of public transportation; numerous hotels and restaurants are within walking distance, making Zappeion convenient to both exhibitors and visitors. For the foreign visitor, it is a mere 40’ train ride from the airport.

Over the past years, we introduced several innovations to Oenorama, including the dedicated hall to “top obscure wines” called “Wine Revelations” and a new self-pour tasting gallery called “Discover Greek Wines”.

Visitors can also expect to find some of the most important suppliers of the Greek wine industry in a dedicated area called Oenotechnica, approximately at the midsection of the exhibition.

Oenorama is hosting up to 250 wineries this year, with more than 1,800 wines to taste. . If, as a foreign visitor, you feel lost with all these wines and wineries, a good place to start your visit, is the Oenorama Tasting Gallery “Discover Greek Wines”. There you will find about 250 of the show’s best wines, selected by the growers themselves as the most representative of their regions. Wines are organized by color, region and grape variety and are presented with a tasting sheet with all the basic information you need. You pour your own wine and don’t have to worry about sharing your impressions with anyone. Entry to the tasting gallery is free of charge for trade and open to the general public for an extra 5€ on the entry price (coupons are for sale at the show entrance and are valid for one visit only).

Source: oenorama.com

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