A Gastronomic Tourism team is born

A working group has been set up in Greece, which will work on the subject of Gastronomic Tourism, by the Ministry of Tourism.

The initiative belongs to the Minister of Tourism, Haris Theocharis, who took advantage of any experience and work done by various programs that were implemented and brought it to an organized basis and goal: Greece and its 52 prefectures can become a separate gastronomic destination, with its own gastronomic character!  

The group was established after a meeting at the Ministry of Tourism, in which the Minister of Tourism, Haris Theocharis participated, targeting to combine the Primary, productive sector with Tourism, ie Gastronomic Tourism!

In particular, the task of the Working Group is to upgrade the gastronomy offered by Greece as well as its integration into the national tourism marketing planning, so that gastronomy can be one of the first three reasons why tourists, Greeks, and foreigners, choose Greece as a holiday destination.

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