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Chania Marvels Day Tour: A Symphony of Flavor, Heritage, and Serenity




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Embark on the Chania Marvels Day Tour, a curated symphony that harmonizes the captivating flavours, rich heritage, and serene landscapes of this enchanting region in the safety and comfort of our company, providing luxury cars and professional drivers. From the ancient tales of the Melisakis Olive Experience to the timeless echoes of Saint George Monastery and the natural tranquillity of Lake Kournas, let each stop compose an unforgettable note in your Chania adventure.

Melisakis Olive Mill

Immerse yourself in the ancient melodies of olive culture at the Melisakis Olive Mill. This immersive Olive Oil Tour is more than a visit; it’s a gateway to the intricate world of olive oil craftsmanship. Your exploration begins with a stroll through the historic Old Olive Mill, fondly referred to as the “fabrika,” where millstones, a wooden press, and the awe-inspiring Millennial Olive Tree, believed to be over 1500 years old, paint a vivid picture of the mill’s rich heritage.

The odyssey continues with a guided tour of the modern centrifugal unit, unveiling contemporary methods that define the art of olive oil production and extraction. Our experts will demystify the process, allowing you to appreciate the evolution of this time-honoured craft.

But the experience doesn’t end there. Immerse yourself in the essence of the Mediterranean diet through a captivating introduction. Elevate your olive oil journey with an educational session on label understanding, empowering you to make informed choices when selecting premium olive oils. The climax of your visit awaits with a tasting session, where the liquid gold of olive oil meets an array of local delights, inviting you to savour the flavours that define our region.

The Saint George Monastery of Apokoronas

Continue your journey with the Saint George Monastery. The Monastery of Saint George in Karydi, Apokoronas province, situated 2km east of Vamos, underwent a meticulous restoration in 1996, transforming it into a captivating landmark of folk architecture in Chania. Adorned with 12 arches, the ancient olive oil mill within the monastery stands as a poignant relic of a bygone era, its weathered roof bearing witness to the passage of time. Although now stripped of their millstones, the four olive mills echo the site’s unique history as a hub of significant oil production in Crete.

Once a settlement and fief of a Venetian nobleman, the area underwent a profound transformation with the arrival of the Ottomans in Crete. Faced with forced choices, the locals of Karydi grappled with the decision to abandon their village or convert to Islam. Animosity towards Christians manifested in an attempt to convert the Church of Saint George into a mosque, burdening the priest with taxes. Resourcefully, the priest deeded the church to the monastery of Agia Triada Tzagaroli, securing its preservation. Monks from Agia Triada later erected a new, larger temple in Karydi, expanding the monastery’s property through generous donations from both Christians and, surprisingly, even some Turks. The Monastery of Saint George now stands as a resilient testament to cultural convergence on the storied island of Crete.

Lake Kournas Serenade

Conclude your adventure at Lake Kournas, the largest natural lake in Crete, which graces an enchanting landscape nestled between the western slopes of the White Mountains and the fertile plain and beach of Georgioupolis. Situated near the village of Kournas, this pristine lake plays a vital role in Greece’s ecosystem, particularly within the broader Apokoronas area, where ample freshwater is stored year-round—a rarity in Crete.

Recognized for its ecological significance, Lake Kournas has earned a place in the Natura 2000 protection network of preserved areas. Regrettably, human intervention has taken a toll on the surroundings, marked by the construction of restaurants and lakeside stores. Nevertheless, the lake remains a haven for rare aquatic plants and trees, imparting a unique charm to its environment. The lake’s dark hue is attributed to the algae thriving at its bottom.

Diverse species of aquatic birds, including moorhens, ducks, herons, and cormorants, inhabit the lake’s shores. Lake Kournas is renowned for its eel populations, which continue to thrive. The wetland also provides a habitat for water snakes and terrapins.

Beyond its ecological marvels, Lake Kournas offers an idyllic setting for relaxation and strolls. During the summer, a serene walk around the turquoise lake takes less than an hour, covering a distance of 3.5 km. Charming cafes and restaurants on one side of the lake provide picturesque views of the water. Next to these establishments, small sandy beaches emerge as the water levels recede in the summer months, enhancing the allure of this tranquil haven.

If you want to follow the same route yourself by renting a car press press HERE to rent a vehicle and follow the location map hereunder to guide you. Then, proceed to book your visit to one of the producers listed in the “nearby producers” section below.



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    Saint George Monastery of Apokoronas


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    Lake Kournas


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