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Crete, a magnificent island has witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations, from the ancient Minoans to the Venetian and Ottoman occupations, shaping its rich history. Despite enduring hardships, the Cretan people have shown unwavering bravery and hospitality. When you knock on any door in a Cretan village, it will open for you, and you’ll be welcomed with a heartfelt meal and offered the best accommodations.

Ecoevents invites travelers to experience the authentic soul of Crete, immersing themselves in the culture and daily lives of its people. Every unique experience will awaken your senses, from participating in traditional activities and tasting local delicacies like olive oil, honey, wine, cheese, and rusks, to exploring extraordinary landscapes through trekking and canyoning. Wander the narrow streets of Venetian cities, delve into our history in museums, and forge lasting friendships with the locals.


A 3-hour gastronomical and cultural endeavor in Rethymnon with several activities

  • Step by Step to an Unforgettable Experience: Get into the Cretan Mentality

Our journey begins at a beautiful “kafeneio” tucked away in the heart of the city, nestled in a small and peaceful square adorned with a running fountain and orange trees. Here, we will indulge in an authentic Cretan breakfast, featuring your choice of traditional Greek coffee or fresh juice. Accompanying these delightful beverages is a handmade cheese pie, lovingly known as “sfakianopita,” generously topped with homemade jam. As we relish our Cretan breakfast in the serene atmosphere of this tranquil café, we will embark on a discussion covering the main highlights of our visit. We’ll delve into the historical sites, traditions, customs, and the intricate connection between these elements and Cretan gastronomy.

  • Honey, Olive Oil, and Raki Tasting: The Cornerstones of the Cretan Diet

The essence of the entire Cretan diet rests upon these three fundamental ingredients. Distinguishing between high and low quality, learning the dos and don’ts, and uncovering the secrets of their production are key to a successful gastronomic adventure. Within a specially designed and comfortable tasting room, we will embark on this journey, guided by experts. Here, we will have the opportunity to sample and savor a variety of honey, olive oil, and raki, deepening our understanding and appreciation of these culinary treasures.

  • The “Phyllo” Workshop: Unveiling the Artistry of Traditional Pastry Making

Within the walls of a 17th-century Venetian mansion resides the renowned “Yorgos Hatziparaschos” phyllo workshop, the oldest of its kind. For over 63 years, Mr. Hatziparaschos has dedicated himself to the art of handcrafting phyllo pastry. This delicate dough serves as the foundation for beloved Greek desserts such as kantaifi and baklava. Though the ingredients may seem simple – flour, water, and a pinch of salt – achieving the perfect proportions, as perfected by Mr. Hatziparaschos, has taken years of meticulous testing. Sprinkled with a harmonious balance of cinnamon and chopped walnuts, kantaifi stands as one of the Greeks’ most cherished sweets. The tantalizing taste of masterfully crafted baklava or kantaifi defies description; it simply must be experienced firsthand.

  • Cretan Feast: A Culinary Exploration Amidst an Ottoman Time Oasis

Our final stop takes us to a hidden restaurant nestled within an enchanting Ottoman-era garden. Amidst the shade of lemon trees, you will savor the vibrant flavors of Cretan cuisine presented in a modern and stylish manner. Traditional dishes, prepared with fresh local ingredients, seamlessly blend the essence of the past with the vitality of the present Cretan life. As we revel in this unforgettable dining experience, it will be the perfect occasion to engage in in-depth discussions about all that we have discovered throughout the day.

By following this carefully crafted itinerary, you will embark on an extraordinary journey that will immerse you in the true essence of Crete, its rich history, warm hospitality, and delectable gastronomy.


From €75.00 / per Adult

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From €75.00 / per Adult

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