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The joy of bees
Allowing one’s self to come into direct contact with the gentle touch of bees is like a dream come true, not least as swarm of bees can improve one’s mood. If we think about the importance of bee-induced pollination to the sustainment of life, it is worth making contact with these divine insects so as to better understand and appreciate their labours and the treasure they keep in their hives.
Melissavet is an Ikarian bee-keeper who, with love and skill, engages with bees and who can enable you to experience – indeed, to offer an initiation to – the magical world of the bees.
The tradition that embraces both heritage and culture can be presented and discussed in the ancestral old stone house, this experience enabling you to extend your knowledge and deepen your appreciation of the life-cycle of bees. At the same time, you will be able to savour a wide range of honeys that offer precious health benefits.


The tour guides you, donning apicultural apparel, through the life-cycle of bees and includes the observation and inspection of hives as well as a session of tasting different varieties of honey.

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