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After growing for a number of years in the hearts of its founders, the holistic community project, Korogonas Ark was born at the end of 2012 upon the virgin land of the small Korogonas plateau in southern Peloponnese, 25km west of Monemvasia and 25km south of Molaoi. It is a member of the well-known Global Ecovillages Network (GEN).
It is located approximately 120 meters above sea level, facing south and with a mild climate and clean air. The sea is visible from the land and guests are able to track the entire trajectory of the sun from sunrise to sunset.
With nature their primary concern, the founders are engaged in preserving the area’s wild flora in all its wealth and biodiversity and in greening the area as well. Wild olive, carob and pear trees and wild asparagus and herbs are being protected along with the local evergreen bushes. At the same time, more than 300 trees and a variety of bushes grow here, the majority of which the Ark’s residents have cultivated from scratch. Vegetable gardens have also been created using natural farming and permaculture practices.
Olives, both from wild olive trees (Olea oleaster) and cultivars are harvested exclusively by hand, without the use of machines, and may be consumed either as olives and super-olive oil, or wild olives and olive oil of wild olives, considered a super food.
Also gathered by hand are carobs and wild sage blossoms, which have a multiplicity of healing benefits.
The fields of Korogonas Ark are distinguished by the creation of natural paths and spaces for groups and individuals to gather. Spaces for experiential education, reflection, relaxation, meditation, celebration and peace of mind exist under the shade of big trees, named to reflect their own unique personalities, like the Princess, the Four Graces, and the Dancer.
Situated between two villages, each roughly 7 kilometers away, the land lies far from areas of intensive agriculture with its chemicals and fertilizers, as well as from cities and their lights and air pollution. Distant from the tensions of urban life, Korogonas Ark is a land of peace and resilience that offers natural, high-quality life for plants, animals, and humans.
Korogonas Ark also protects and preserves the area’s birds as well as small trees and other local flora, which have been flourishing since the establishment of this community initiative.
A visit to Korogonas Ark during the evening hours is highly recommended in order to witness the bright starry cupola over our community.
Two unique female dogs and one female cat are members of the Korogonas Ark family, as well as two foxes who visit when conditions are tranquil and uncrowded. Numerous owls and birds of various sizes are also among the community’s great animal “vocalists”.
Following its mission for Peace and Connectedness, Korogonas Ark plans to create a sanctuary for animals in the region that have been abandoned or injured or, due to their age, need care and love.


The activity includes:
A guided tour of the ecology community “Korogonas Ark”, enabling the participants to comprehend all aspects of this holistic project (crops, nutrition, water management, natural construction, fencing, litter, harmonious coexistence of people)
Training in the “Language of Connection” and crisis transformation:
• Tools for crisis transformation
• Familiarity with the empathic attitude in life situations
• Tools for wise communication with team, family
• Mutually beneficial solutions
• The power of thought, speech, sound and breath in individual and collective health
• Deep Ecology tools

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