Activities of the Farm at Gralista Farm

Karditsa - Trikala,


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Up to 20 persons

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Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec


Up to 20 persons


Our farm is located in the traditional mountainous village of Ellinopyrgos in the district of Karditsa in central Greece, close to Trikala, at an altitude of 560 meters.
Our farm since 2015 has been rearing the goats of Skopelos, a Greek breed known for its high-fat content in milk and its flavorful meat. The breeding of this species is an ongoing process carried out organically in Ellinopyrgos and its surroundings throughout the year.
The main products of Gralista Farm are milk, cheese, feta and meat all through the use of traditional methods. Furthermore, at Gralista Farm we combine traditional infrastructure with modern technology to ensure the production of high-quality traditional products produced by local cheese dairies that make goat cheese exclusively from our milk production.


Visitors can take part in the following activities:
• Connect with the Greek breed of “Skopelos goat”
• Graze the herd
• Milk goats
• Spend one day as a goat breeder
• Hike the stone paths of the mountain
• Make your own cheese
Every activity is designed for different age groups.
*Includes a lunchtime meal with our own products.


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