Nafpaktos is a seaside city on the Gulf of Corinth and one of Greece’s most ancient. It was blessed with long periods of prosperity, as attested to by its excellent fortifications, which begin at the port and whose three walls run continuously up to the fortress. It has been designated a traditional settlement.

A major naval battle took place near Nafpaktos during the Peloponnesian War between the Athenians and the Spartans in 429 BCE, from which the Athenians emerged as victors. The town was also important in Byzantine times as a port for travelers to Italy and Constantinople.

Another major naval battle took place near Nafpaktos, this time in 1571 CE, which was won by a coalition of Western Christian states against the Ottoman Empire, historically marking the event by which the threat of Turkish naval power against Europe was eradicated. The citizens of the region took part in the Greek Revolution in 1821, and were finally liberated from Ottoman rule in 1827.


In the simple authentic taverns of the area you will enjoy excellent food, made with local products: freshly grilled local meats, lahanopita (cabbage pita), hortopita (wild horta pita), and exquisite other local dishes such as goat with beans, goat cooked in various ways, zygouri (hogget) braised in tomato sauce with hilopites pasta, veal braised in tomato sauce, and, of course, game such as wild boar, ­roe deer and blackbirds.

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