Nafplion is one of the most beautiful cities of Greece, its history beginning in the prehistoric period. It took part in the Trojan War, fell into obscurity in Roman times, and revived during the Byzantine Empire.

The passage of various conquerors – Venetians, Franks, and Ottoman – have left their mark on the city. Frankish forts and Venetian and neo-classical buildings all contribute to its unique atmosphere. The Venetian Bourtzi sea-fort is built on an islet off its port. In 1823, it became for a time the capital of the newly-formed Greek state.


Fantastic food! The spots with good food in Nafplion are many, but do not forget to go to the surrounding villages for authentic local food, such as piglet, galatopita, gogas (traditional pasta) and giosa (old sheep or goat, at least five years old, which no longer gives birth) which is baked for many hours, without any spices, in a stone oven burning wood and sealed with clay. Visit the “giosadika”, where summer is the best time for these traditional restaurants in the area to prepare giosa in their own unique way.

Of course there is no lack of fish and cheese. Generally the area has it all!

Nafplion and the surrounding areas are full of orange groves and olive groves.

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