Monemvasia is a fortress-town of unique beauty. A bridge connects the medieval fortress to the coastline. In the 13th century CE, it was part of the Despotate of Mystras and in 1463 was taken by the Venetians, who remained there until 1540, when it was ceded to the Turks.

Most of its inhabitants abandoned it at that point and took refuge on Venetian-occupied Greek islands, mainly Corfu and Crete. Soon after the start of the Greek Revolution of 1821, it was returned to the Greeks.


Try the handmade pasta (gogges), the saitia (fried pita with cheese and herbs), and the local sweets. The rafioli, a kind of kalitsounia with handmade filo, almonds, mastiha liqueur and anthonero, the amygdalota and the samousades a syrupy dessert with almond, walnut, sesame, cinnamon cloves and nutmeg.

As for wine, an important asset of the prefecture is the number of different wines that stand out based on local grape varieties such as Petroulianos, Thrapsa and Kidonitsa.

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