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Salamis Platetsi: Traditional round pita, year-round staple. Wheat flour, olive oil. Crispy outside, soft inside. Variations with feta, tomato, olives. Perfect bread alternative.

Greek ‘platetsi’ bread is based on wheat flour and pure olive oil

This is a traditional pita of Salamis that is prepared round the year and is based on wheat flour and pure olive oil. It owes its name to its wide shape that covers the entire baking tray, and is baked in such a way that while it is soft inside, it has a crispy golden crust.

It was prepared with special formality during the Christmas fasting period, because it was then that the new olive oil was produced and which had to be tested for its quality on such traditional dishes of Salamis as platetsi, tiganites, and loukoumades. As even the bread itself was not left over and the food was low in calories, all foods (as well as sweets and salads) were based on olive oil to improve their nutritional value.

Today there are many variations on the island of the original recipe of platetsi, such as platetsi filled with feta cheese, tomato, olives, ham and cheese or the twisted platetsi where the filo is flattened into a thin sheet and then wrapped like a twisted pie. Platetsi can be consumed instead of bread.

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