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Malebi (Muhallebi): A delightful Middle Eastern milk pudding, quick to make, with options for cornstarch or rice flour. Customizable flavors.

A piece of ‘malebi’ a milk pudding and garnish with whipped and dusting of cinnamon

Malebi or Muhallebi

It’s a delicious Middle Eastern milk pudding that comes together using just 4 ingredients and about 10 minutes. It is super popular in many Arabic countries, as well as Turkey where it is called “Muhallebi”. Served in small cups and garnished beautifully, Mahalabia is an ancient Middle Eastern dessert. You can either make it using corn starch or rice flour, based on your preference. Corn starch will yield a smooth consistency, while rice flour will have a bit of texture. It is a sweet milk pudding that will take on whatever flavour you choose to add. Traditionally, we use ground cardamom and garnish it with a dusting of cinnamon. However you can also use rose water or orange blossom water.

The most beautiful way to serve it is in small individual dessert cups, and bring it out on a beautiful tray with some tea or coffee. It will add elegance to your meal!

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