Bio Festival 2019 – 11,12,13 May

The new festival for organic products and eco-living!

Bio Festival has everything it takes to become a flagship event in the culture of a healthy diet, care and eco-living, which constitute a rapidly growing trend and life attitude. It targets both industry professionals and the—increasingly growing in volume and demands—consuming public.

It’s a fact that organic products guarantee authentic flavours and quality of life. At the same time, they mark the beginning of a new era, one that expresses modern people’s need for a balanced and healthy diet. The production of organic products is steadily increasing all over the world. In our country —according to research— more and more consumers are turning to organic products, the consumption of which is expected to increase significantly in a few years.

At a time when organic products are increasingly conquering consumers and gaining a prominent position on the shelves of supermarkets and retail outlets as well as on the menus of foodservice companies, BIO FESTIVAL comes at the right time to become the biggest commercial forum and the ultimate benchmark for the industry’s professionals and consumers.

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