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Evonymon was founded in 2013 by Stavroula Rozou (PhD pharmacist) and Nicolas Krikelis (MSc chemist), with the aim to produce and market Greek products, like extra virgin olive oil and aromatic herbs of Greece. Our goal is to continuously improve and promote quality Greek products, by boosting the role and contribution of the Mediterranean diet to our health. Our products can be found in selected groceries and delicatessens in Greece and several food outlets abroad.
The company’s estate, Agros, is based in Varakes, Messinia (southern Peloponnese), just a few km from Pylos and Methoni. It is open for visiting the olive grove, the botanical garden with endemic aromatic herbs, and a small collection of wild orchids. In the estate, there is a small private olive mill where the awarded extra virgin olive oil is cold extracted. The aromatic herbs are cultivated in the area, picked by hand, naturally dried and packed in our own packaging facilities.
The estate is open all year round for olive oil experiences; visiting the olive mill, tasting olive oils and food pairing with extra virgin olive oil. The owner will teach you how to distinguish a good olive oil, how to store it, and use it. You will also learn all the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. You can also participate at olive harvesting and olive oil production in mid-autumn.
Visitors have also the chance to pick up seasonal fruits or vegetables from the garden and find the exquisite products of the estate and of other local producers in the shop.

Guests are welcomed with a cool or hot infusion of our herbs and a fruit juice. The tour begins with a presentation of our work and vision, the historical background of olive cultivation and olive oil production. Guests have the opportunity to see the way olives are collected within the olive grove, just as it is done in the harvesting season. They will see up close the olive millstones and the olive press of the 19th century, as well as our small private modern olive mill, where our awarded extra virgin olive oil is cold extracted.

 Olive oil tasting follows. The tables are set up in the garden and guests taste 5-6 different oils. Extensive discussion is carried out about the positive and negative attributes of the oils, how to distinguish a good olive oil, how to store it and use it, as well as the health and multiple benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The long history of wine cultivation in Greece is presented and guests will taste 4 different local wines during the food pairing session. In the price, water and a coffee are included. We serve rye rusks with soft cheese and lemon spoon sweet, pasta salad, cold cuts, cheese, a savoury loaf with herbs and cheese and a sweet. 

At the end, one lucky guest will win a prize in a knowledge quiz. Guests are welcome to walk around the garden and become acquainted with endemic plants and herbs.


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Extra virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs
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From €65.00 / per Adult

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