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Our distillery Dionysia Kelaria was founded out of our love for distilling and from the need to provide a tsipouro of exceptional quality, due to our unique distilling process.
With the art of distilling tsipouro long lost in Messinia, Dareos Tsipouro, located close to Kyparissia in the Peloponnese, began seeking the art in the Tzoumerka mountains, mountainous Arta, and mountainous Karditsa in Epirus.
Friends helped us to get reintroduced to the art of distilling, using the local grape variety Isabela, which fresh from the vat sweetens our palates during the distilling process.
To our minds, distilling is part of our history, which was tragically disrupted the first years after the WWII, when its production was prosecuted, resulting in the destruction of all the equipment used to distill tsipouro and the subsequent loss of knowledge that was a valuable legacy from our ancestors.
Nevertheless, these unorthodox practices of the past did not succeed in destroying the memory of distilling and the need to return to the practice.
Gathering all available information that had been passed verbally from generation to generation and combining it with the most advanced scientific knowledge, we bottled our first tsipouro after many experimental distillations.
By ensuring the quality of raw material from our own vineyards and from selected partners in Trifilia, and in consultation with renowned professionals, we pursued our quest for the best results to produce an excellent tsipouro.


Visitors can participate in our grape-harvest and become part of our team for as many days as they wish.


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