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Melipasto (Melichloro): Cheese from Lemnos, Aegean Islands. Earthy, nutty, and salty taste, great for saganaki, pasta, or as a table cheese.

Greek small wheels of cheese ‘Melipasto’ creamy taste with a texture ranging from medium to hard
Melipasto or Melichloro

Melipasto is a type of cheese produced in Lemnos, an island in the north Aegean. It comes in the form of small wheels of cheese and has an earthy, full-bodied nutty and creamy taste with a texture ranging from medium to hard. Traditionally it is made from goat’s and sheep’s milk and is moistened with seawater during its maturation, giving it its characteristic salty taste. After being drained of liquid, it is left in the shade, usually in the spring when the humidity is relatively low, to dry out. In the first phase, the cheese acquires a silky creamy texture, giving it is name (meli, meaning honey) but then becomes progressively hard.

It can be found on a number of Aegean islands and is ideal for making saganaki. It is also eaten grated on pasta or as a plain table-cheese accompanied by a good wine.

Photo: P.Pravlis

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