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Lalangia, traditional crispy pancakes from Messinia and Laconia, served during religious feasts, with deep-rooted customs and versatile flavors.

Greek ‘Lalangia’ means dough made into thick macaroni

Lalangia are a regional tradition in the prefectures of Messinia and Laconia in the Peloponnese. They are served in households during great religious feasts.

Following their preparation using dough made into thick macaroni, they are tossed into a large pan filled with hot oil. They are crispy pancakes traditional to the Mani region of Lakonia. The first pancake, made with a cross in the middle, is dedicated to Christ, the second to the home, the third to the household, and so on.

Traditionally served twice a year, on Christmas day and on the day of the Epiphany, lalangia are made in large quantities either with leaven or yeast. They can be eaten as a confection, sprinkled with sugar or honey, or as a salty snack with cheese and olives.

The tradition of making lalangia is still maintained in many homes, as well as at local association meetings during club events.

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