Greek Thematic Tourism Forms

The Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) recently introduced Greece’s thematic forms of tourism to the Belgian and Dutch markets through local TV and online productions.

More specifically, the country’s alternative wellbeing activities and tailor-made thThe Greek National Tourism Organization introduced Greece’s thematic forms of tourism to the Belgian and Dutch markets through local TV and online productions.ematic tourism experiences were promoted through three popular Belgian TV productions and a Dutch online activity.

After months of discussions with the GNTO service in The Netherlands, foreign producers selected ChalkidikiIkariaCrete and Sifnos as filming locations to focus on three thematic tourism forms: gastronomy, wedding tourism, sea and sun.

“Married at First Sight”

Photo source: Halkidiki Tourism Organization

Belgian TV show “Married at First Sight” filmed its episodes in Halkidiki earlier in September. The show took a couple to Halkidiki for their honeymoon offering them the chance to enjoy the sea and sun as well as excursions and activities in nature.

According to the GNTO, the reality TV show is among five most popular TV shows in Belgium with 600,000 viewers. Its episodes will air on RTL-TVi during the prime time zone.

“Viva la feta

Photo source: @VisitSifnos

Another Belgian TV show, the  “Viva la feta”, also visited Greece in October to film eight episodes on Sifnos.

The travel show’s hosts Otto-Jan Ham and Jani Kazaltzis explored the island and its unique beauties together with their prominent guests.

The show will air in 2022 on Play 7 TV during prime time.

“Roadtrip with culinary specialties”

Manganitis, Ikaria Island © Maria Theofanopoulou

During the same month, the islands of Crete and Ikaria hosted a travel/gastronomy show presented by Michelin-starred Chef Sergio Herman. Titled “Roadtrip with culinary specialties”, the show is dedicated to Europe with each episode hosting a popular guest.

Greece’s episode welcomed actress Anna Drijver, known from her role in “Undercover”, a co-production between Netflix and public Belgium TV station Eén.

The culinary show presented lesser-known destinations, local traditional recipes and moments from the everyday lives of locals. The episode will air on Netflix.

“Love is in the air”

Crete was also promoted to the Dutch audience through a special competition titled “Love is in the air” that was organized by the GNTO service in The Netherlands, Corendon and Happn, one of the world’s largest dating apps.

Two winners, who had never met before, in September traveled to Greece for their first date and spent 48-hours in Rethymnon. The couple toured the city and participated in activities such as river trekking.

According to the GNTO, the competition promoted Greece, its thematic experiences and lesser-known destinations to a dynamic audience and contributed to the efforts being made to extend the tourism season on Crete.


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